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All sessions presented by Veterinary Physiotherapist Caroline Lindsay
Manual therapy sessions are aimed at equine therapists, vets and other professionals allied to equine therapy. 
3 Day Intensive Evaluations Saddle Fit Checking session are also suitable for horse owners.
Students welcome.
Certificates of participation are given.
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TECHNIQUES With Myofascial Techniques  

Ware, Herts. UK Thurs 6th Fri  7th & Sat  8th April 2017  SOLD OUT. Please email to join the waiting list.
Burton Bradstock, Devon, UK 26th, 27th & 28th April 2017 SOLD OUT. Please email to join waiting list.

Daniel Kamen said to Caroline Lindsay "I know these techniques are in great hands with you.  
I enthusiastically endorse you and your teaching ability."

9.30 to 4pm each day. 

Seminar/Workshop presented and demonstrated by Caroline Lindsay.

Open only to qualified equine therapists/students of equine therapy where it is assumed that they are trained and
qualified to a) evaluate any technique for its clinical suitability b) apply the technique according to their clinical
reasoning c) perform the technique safely and competently.
Working only within the normal range of joint motion to potentially resolve mild restrictions, during this session you
will learn how to perform a variety of fast, effective mobilisation techniques to compliment your existing knowledge
of equine therapy.  

Author of The Well Adjusted Horse, Daniel Kamen is a leading American Chiropractor who has been successfully
manipulating horses and teaching the techniques for decades. He has developed a comprehensive range of 30 
manipulation, mobilisation and palpation techniques that can help mobilise virtually all joints involved in equine
sports performance for comfort enhancement.  Caroline Lindsay travelled to America in 1995 to learn the techniques
from Daniel and has hosted his only visits to the UK to hold his sell-out seminars.  She has been using his
techniques for twenty years on every horse that she treats, with excellent results.  In her experience, combining
Daniel Kamen's manipulation and mobilisation techniques with soft tissue therapy makes for a powerful treatment

Daniel has sanctioned Caroline Lindsay to run this workshop in the UK.

This session, will cover the head, TMJ, atlas, axis, neck, shoulder, forelimb, withers, mid back, lumbar, pelvis, 
hindlimb and tail.  

100% hands on, participants practise and review the techniques learned.

Cost for 3 days £275


Melton Mowbray, Leics. UK  Sun 9th July

Myofascial Techniques day will focus on the areas covered on the Daniel Kamen Manipulation and Mobilisation Techniques session
as a soft tissue technique to optimise mobilisations. Caroline Lindsay began learning and applying these powerful techniques as a 
Sports Therapy undergraduate working with human patients and with Ruth Mitchell Golladay 16 years ago on her 5 day course and 
has been adding to the modality with her training and experience ever since.  Group members will not be required to practise on each
other before working on the horses. 

This session will cover TMJ, poll, neck, chest, forelimb, vertebrae, ribs, pelvis, hip joint and castration scar.

100% hands on.  Participants practice and review the techniques learned.

Cost is £95.

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Belfast, Northern Ireland.  Mon 29th, Tues 30th, Weds 31st May 2017
Melton Mowbray, Leics. UK  Fri 16th, Sat 17, Sun 18th June 2017 

9.30 to 4pm  18 hour CPD Certificate of Participation awarded.
Presented by Veterinary Physiotherapist Caroline Lindsay and Equine Dentist & Loriner Garry Draper BAEDT.

Intensive, information packed seminar aimed at equine therapists, vets, saddle fitters, farriers, other practitioners
allied to equine health and horseowners who compete or who have an interest in considering their horses more
closely. Students welcome.  Anyone wishing to just observe is welcome if they prefer not to take part in the 
practical session.

Small group max 12 participants - book early to secure your place. 

The aim of the session is to increase your confidence in assessing horses to formulate a comprehensive treatment
programme.  A whole day dedicated to each topic of checking saddle fit, evaluating bits/assessing mouth problems,
trotting up to formulate a treatment goal/exercise programme, so that you can increase your confidence in evaluating
the horse in front of you and formulating treatment goals/exercise prescriptions.

DAY 1: Saddle fitting from the perspective of a veterinary physiotherapist.
Functional and dysfunctional anatomy of the equine back.
Rules for fitting saddles and why.
How to check fit.
Signs of poor fit - behavioural and ridden.
Use of various saddle pads.

DAY 2: Evaluating the horse's mouth and bit.
How to age a horse from dentition.
Signs that a horse needs dental treatment.
Conformation signs that  horse has been affected by mouth problems/bitting.
Bit types and their mechanical functions - pros and cons.
Correct fitting of the bit and it's influence on the horse's way of going.
Bridle types.
Mouth lesions.
Technique to help determine whether or not the mouth is the problem.

DAY 3: Trot up to treat.
Interpreting history.
Gait analysis.
Palpation/evaluation of muscle tone, condition and development.
Range of motion.
Saddle and bridle. 
Potential injury factors and stressors.
Formulating individual rehabilitation programmes.
What to monitor.
Exercise prescription programmes and after care.

Cost £275 for all 3 days.
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Melton Mowbray, Leics, UK Sat 8th July 2017

Hands on workshop Also suitable for horseowners who wish to learn how to check saddles and backs.  
Therapists have a different perspective on saddle checking compared with a saddle fitter since they are normally 
called in when the horse's movement is restricted, when back problems are suspected. 
Topics covered are:
Functional and dysfunctional anatomy of the equine back.
Rules for fitting saddles and why.
How to check fit.
Signs of poor fit - behavioural and ridden.
Use of various saddle pads.
Cost £85 for each day   6 hours CPD Certificate of Participation awarded. Email if you wish to be placed on the waiting list.

Click here to book your place by paying a deposit

Marketing Your Equine Therapy Service - Boardroom Session 

Belfast, Northern Ireland. Tues 30th May 2017

Are you an equine therapist that has graduated with no real plan to build
your client base? Are you already established but looking for more ways to guide your business in the direction you want 
it to go? Headed by Caroline Lindsay, this session is for any equine therapists looking to take the pain and error out of
promoting, growing and developing their therapy business. Participants will gather,boardroom style, to discuss their individual
particular needs and formulate an individualised marketing strategy to promote their businesses in their particular areas. 
Based indoors, Caroline will deliver a lecture on Marketing Equine Therapy then each group member will be given the
opportunity, if they wish, to develop an individualised marketing strategy to help boost their client base, tailored to their
particular needs and what is most likely to work for them. 
Small group of maximum 7 participants. 

Cost £75 including lunch and refreshments.

Click here to book your place by paying a deposit.